Temple Treasure Hunt

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the heart of one of the world’s most storied cities with our London Treasure Hunt! If you’re armed with an iPhone and a sense of adventure, we’re inviting you to test your wits and agility against the enigmatic streets of London.

As you weave through the historic alleyways and grand boulevards, our interactive treasure hunt will engage your intellect with cunningly crafted cryptic clues and perplexing riddles. But it’s not just your brain that will be on the trail; your legs will get a hearty workout too, leading you to the capital’s hidden gems and lesser-known tales.

So gather your friends, charge your devices, and step into the shoes of an urban explorer. London’s secrets await – are you ready to uncover them?

Temple Treasure Hunt

Tickets £25 per person


  • Unravel clues collectively while traversing the storied precincts of Fleet Street and Temple.
  • Experience London through the guise of a detective game, steeped in the lore of the Knights Templar.
  • Engage with bona fide mission agents in the flesh.
  • Receive riddles directly on your iPhones, with assistance at hand to suit all levels of cunning.
  • The endeavour blends the thrill of an outdoor escape room with the discovery of a treasure/scavenger hunt and the insight of a walking tour.


Summon your inner Templar Knight and embark on a quest for hidden treasures through the heart of historic London, designed for bands of friends and kin with a penchant for adventure and iPhones in hand. Traverse the cobbled paths around Fleet Street, where echoes of chivalry and whispers of hidden riches animate the stones underfoot.

A spectral figure, a wraith from the age of the Knights Templar, roams these streets shrouded in mist. Will your band of seekers aid this lost soul from yesteryear, or will your choices lead to his eternal wandering? The path you tread is riddled with conundrums, each clue a fork in the road of your very own epic.

Prepare for unexpected twists with our bonus challenges – they’re designed to keep you on your toes and ensure the excitement never wanes. Whether you’re a curious local or a wandering traveler, our treasure hunt is the perfect way to connect with the city’s rich tapestry of history and intrigue, all at the tap of your iPhone.

As you delve into this interactive tale, the architectural wonders and secret enclaves of these historic boroughs unfold before you. Along this journey, engage with cunning puzzles, embrace challenges, and enjoy respites at quintessential pubs and cafes, all peppered with delightful surprises.

This adventure is a tapestry of narrative exploration, woven into the very fabric of London, yet fully alive within the city’s present beat. Step across the threshold of time, navigate the now, and immerse yourselves in the enigmas and splendour of London. Your quest for the Templar treasure awaits.

How It Works

Your team will receive clues on your iphones that, once deciphered, will guide you to interesting and scenic parts of the city. At these you will solve riddles, explore the story and make decisions that will impact the rest of the game.

The clues require no prior knowledge and come with hints to make the experience something everyone can enjoy.

Plan Your Day


Select a start time between 2.30 – 3.30pm

See calendar for available dates

Duration: 2 hours max across 5 km / 3 miles

Start Location

Fleet Street (Specific instructions provided on the day).

End Location

Around Aldwych

Technology Requirements


Data to access browser-based software

What3Words App

On the Day Technical Support

via WhatsApp


How long does the Temple Treasure Hunt Take?

The time allocation for our temple treasure hunt is 2 hours, you can see specific information on the "plan your day" section of the specific trail.

Multiple Teams

When you book your time slot you will be asked to select a team name. Other team members can book their tickets independently. Just make sure they select the same time slot and enter the same team name. 

We recommend a team size around 4, with a minimum of 2 people and around 6 as a maximum.

When can I start my Temple adventure?

Selected days and times are offered via our availability calendar as you will be engaging with live mission agents in the flesh. If you want to book a private Temple Treasure Hunt please contact us.

Can all team members receive clues?

Yes absolutely, all team members with an iphone will have access to the browser-based quest.

Do I need to know London?

Not at all. Our London treasure hunt trails can be completed without any prior knowledge of the city, a perfect way to explore a new city!

Payment methods

We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. All processed securely by our payments provider Stripe.

How to start?

Buy your tickets, enter your team name, receive your booking confirmation email and further details.

How does the treasure trail work?

What size groups are best?

Ideal for duos or squads up to a half-dozen strong (too many chefs spoil the broth, as they say). Our experiences are a splendid match for couples, clusters of mates, families, petite enterprises, or extensive corporate team-building events.

Our ventures are the ticket for sparking a spot of genial rivalry. Just tell us how you'd prefer your booking divided into teams, and we'll arrange everything, complete with a live leaderboard to add to the excitement! Contact us.

We recommend a team size around 4, with a minimum of 2 people and around 6 as a maximum.

What happens if it rains?

Be sure to attire yourself appropriately for the weather and embrace it wholeheartedly! (A handy hint: don't forget to bring along a brolly or a rain-proof jacket with a hood!)

Are you flexible with dates?

You select your preferred date and time when you book. You will be engaging with live mission agents in the flesh, we can't expect to wait around all day!

Will groups overlap on the route?

Possibly. Even though there is no set route, there are set challenges in geographical locations.You may find yourself to be hot on the heels of another group, either overtaking or being overtaken. It's a splendid opportunity to encounter fellow enthusiasts along the journey, so don't hesitate to exchange greetings and stir up a friendly rivalry! Though, a word to the wise: keep your solutions under wraps and refrain from broadcasting them to rival teams!

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