Chimpanzees in More London

London is known for its many tourist attractions, and now there's one more thing to add to the list: chimpanzee statues!

Chimpanzees in More London

These playful sculptures can be found throughout More London (the area between London Bridge and Tower Bridge on the south side). There is a free trail, a fun way for visitors to explore London while taking in the sights. So if you’re looking for something unique to do in London, be sure to check out these amazing statues! 28 bronze statues of chimpanzees have arrived at More London.

Their arrival could change how we understand our closest relatives.  Chimps are not just intelligent, they’re also social creatures with rich emotional lives. These amazing displays of behaviour from chimps reveal a side to their personality that many people never get the chance or opportunity see.

Chimps are not just intelligent animals, they’re also incredibly innovative. The central sculpture shows a chimp using tools to fish for termites. Other fascinating figures show other behaviours such as nest-building and empathy towards others’ emotions…

This will probably be the only chance people will get to touch, feel, cuddle and get up close to a chimp and see how similar they are to us.

Chimpanzee Trail



About Chimpanzees

The chimp is our closest living relative, sharing about 99% of DNA with us. It’s thought that a common ancestor lived 7-13 million years ago! Through research on how similar they are to humans in certain ways–like having individual personalities and social skills—we’ve been able see some magical similarities between chimpanzees and ourselves: all chimps do much more than just use tools or make fire; for example many can communicate using sign language (though this isn’t true everywhere).

The loss of habitat for chimps has led to their endangered status. The human population is a major reason why they’re in trouble, with increasing numbers destroying chimp enclaves and cutting down forests so development can happen more easily – including agriculture or mining projects that might affect them negatively too.

Chimpanzees are constantly under threat of being wiped out. They’re losing their homes, food sources and space to live in; it’s a major crisis for these animals that we cannot ignore anymore!

The chimps are desperate for food and will try any way they can get it. They’ve been seen stealing from human settlements, but when things get really tough- like during natural disasters -the Chimpanzees take children. Human families have felt like they had no choice but to retaliate.

Chimps are the most hunted animal in Africa. They’re targeted by bushmeat hunters who need plenty of meat and they take young chimps as their pets or sell them on illegal pet trade.

The Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives and it is not surprising that they share many of the same health concerns as humans. They too have been susceptible to diseases such as Ebola which has killed hundreds in recent decades, but thanks for preserving their population by being able reproduce less often than chimps so there’s hope! More recently research shows these primates also fall victim at Covid-19 – luckily this newest pandemic hasn’t yet had a devastating effect on chimp communities.

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