Wonders of Whitehall Walk

Westminster Station, Exit 1 (Westminster Pier) Westminster Station, Exit 1 (Westminster Pier), London

Explore what Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela have in common, visit filming locations used in blockbuster films such as 'Harry Potter', Skyfall and Da Vinci Code.


Best of Blackfriars Walk

Blackfriars Tube Station Queen Victorian Street, London

Explore the area once dominated by the black friars.

Marvel at modern innovations, award-winning architecture and medieval priory remains. Stand on the site once belonging to Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII.

Learn about the lost palace once given to Katharine of Aragon as a wedding present by her new husband Henry VIII.

Smartphone Photo Walk: Southbank

Laurence Olivier Statue National Theatre, Southbank, London

Explore Southbank with your smartphone and Alastair, a professional photographer as your expert guide.